[ELECTION] A New Era Begins

[ELECTION] A New Era Begins


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Despite heavy lobbying and polling by the two larger parties in the Sierra Nevada Commonwealth, both splinters of the old Pre-Collapse Era, the Communist Party of Sierra Nevada had an unexpectedly massive turnout from young and working class voters, who elected Hector Gonzalez by 11,000 votes, with Los Angeles County being the final bump. Approaching the podium on election night with his wife Sarah and his vice presidential candidate Rebecca Crowley and her wife, president-elect Gonzalez tearfully spoke about his life's work for the common man and the future California will see marching towards a fair and freer society. He spoke briefly on the Hollywood Blacklist and ages of anticommunist persecution in the Old United States, and vowed that the past is the past, and now everyone will have a say and a meal on their plate.


The ADIR congratulates President Hector Gonzalez on his victory and hopes for continued relations between the ADIR and California. We are pleased to see a like minded government in Sacramento.