Can you get in trouble for calling yourself a racial slur?

Can you get in trouble for calling yourself a racial slur?


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As an adult who understands basic professionalism this was dumb, obv don't do it But as a fellow brown person who would do some shit like this I'm dying of laughter. Sorry you got caught lmao


Why the hell would you do that


Im a Latino Sailor all I did was call myself a beaner. I didnt call anyone that and some E5 chewed me out, E4 btw


Yeah you very well could. If it were the corporate world there's a very good chance you'd be fired the same day. I mean I get it. But, 1) why perpetuate it 2) why risk the possibility of consequences


Nah Fam, you'll be fine. But please stop using such terms. You're basically inviting others to judge you (and other Hispanic/Latinos) on the premise of race.


If someone gets offended just through your word use and goes to the CMEO rep, probably. Will people do it? Just depends where you are. In my bootcamp you would be fucked so fast. In a,c,f school my peers would tell you to shut the fuck up or talk to you after class. On my sub, the game was to be as colorful and potentially racist as possible as jokes but you don't often say the actual slurs unless they are your best buds.