USPS didn't scan in my expensive package. What happens?

USPS didn't scan in my expensive package. What happens?


24 hours is too early to panic. Sometimes they just miss a couple scans before it starts tracking. But did you just drop it in the mail box? It can slow down the process. If you want guaranteed scans, go inside and have them scan the package. It will show up as accepted same day.


Yah, it was after hours. Around 8pm last night. I thought it would scan by the end of today.


Just because it hasn’t scanned yet doesn’t mean that it won’t be scanned along the way. There’s no way they won’t deliver it without scanning it. Take a deep breath. Remember for next time that if you’re sending an anything of value you should always drop it off directly and get a receipt for proof as insurance. I really think it’ll be okay though, I once dropped a package off at a usps, and it wasn’t scanned for 10 days, but was delivered on the 11th day. Luckily my buyer was really cool about everything. Just keep your buyers informed, and don’t forget that receipt for next time ;)


*Breathing deep*


Like others said, don’t panic. When you put it in the drop box, it can take them a bit to get it. I’ve noticed at my closest post office, which is really busy, whenever I drop off packages in the drop box, they can take a day or more to get scanned. I don’t know why. I’m not sure if they focus on other packages first and do the drop boxes last, but it definitely seems that way. If I sold something after post office hours and was going out, I used to package up the item and then drop it in the post office drop box. I figured it saved me an extra trip and got the package out sooner instead of waiting for the post office to open the next day. I stopped doing that because it always seems like if I put it in the drop box, it sits there at least all day the next day, but sometimes a couple days. So, now I always scan it. My post office recently got a little automated thing, where I go up, scan the package myself, and then drop it into the container. I get a receipt showing it was scanned. So, I still get my receipt but can do it after hours if I want because it’s out near the drop boxes. And they seem to get the packages out of the automated thing way faster than out of the drop boxes because I’ve never had to wait more than the day for the ones in the automated thing to start tracking.


For best peace of mind, scan at the desk and get a receipt. Scanning with your mail carrier is good if you know them and you know they will do it properly. My work sells on mercari regularly and there was one carrier who set his scanner to "delivered" when accepting the packages. So yes, all our mercari customers got a delivery notification at the moment the carrier picked up the package. Mercari marked the order as delivered and it got very strange. Now we have a folder of nothing but receipts from all the drop offs.




I’m sure it will be fine but I always drop at counter any package with items of value - or ask mailman to scan at my driveway while I stand and watch.


What is your price point that you consider "of value"?


For me - anything over $75 and most times anything over $50 if I have the time to drop or watch for mailman. I’m not a business so can’t write off losses so every decent bit of $ matters - and I’m always losing $ already from what I originally paid. I’m just cleaning out house but have EUC or NWT items that I’m just trying to recoup some.


This has happened to me tons of times. I have never lost a package, they have always been scanned at another post office along the way or upon delivery. Your package may already be in transit but didn't get the initial scan.


Happened to me before when dropping off at a blue box. They took forever to scan it in. So long that I thought it was lost or something. I had dropped off at the blue usps boxes before with no problems. The whole thing made me look bad as I confirmed a drop off on mercari and even messaged the buyer that I had dropped it off and it was on it’s way. It took like 4 or 5 days to finally scan in I think. I was lucky that the buyer was chill about it and didn’t leave bad feedback. But from the buyer’s perspective it could have looked like I was lying about when I actually mailed it. After that I will never trust anything other than scanning in at the counter and getting a receipt. Even if it’s a cheap item, it’s not worth a potential bad review.