Postgame Thread: 9/14 Cubs @ Phillies

Postgame Thread: 9/14 Cubs @ Phillies


#We may never lose again


Thought I saw a little spring in Wisdom’s step as he left the field. I bet he’s relieved to be hitting again, and especially glad to get that 26th homer.


Stubble. The beard is magic.


Wisdom and Rivas go back to back and Sampson with a nicely pitched game. I'll take it!


I wanna talk to Sampson!


That’s what I think about whenever I see his name.


Javy just tied up the Cards with a homer in the bottom of the 9th. Even post-Cubs, he fucks the Cards. **ETA:** and Almora Jr. was the Mets’ last out. 🙄


Seeing they PH almora made me facepalm so hard. I really wanted him to walk it off with a bomb but knew it would be a groundout.


He had an unexpected bunt for a run earlier too


So you're saying this guy fucks?


I want him back so much.


Javy? I dunno...dude is a strike out machine..He could learn a thing or two from some of these Cubs hitters. Ortega,Duffy, Frank, Wisdom..they all have patience at the plate. Javy has none of that. He is an amazing ball-player tho, and an all-star..if he learns patience at the plate, he could be a HoF.


Javy walked three times in this game, hoping he keeps it up and wants to come back to the Cubs


Wisdom strikes out a ton


Playing the best of the big three


I mean, I'm having fun. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Wick for closer?


On August 16th, less than a month ago, Ian Happ woke up with a 69 wRC+ in 368 PAs. Today, 97 plate appearances later, Ian Happ raised his season wRC+ to 101. He has 19 extra-base hits in those 97 PAs.


i wonder how often players play hurt..I also wonder if players know a nice contract is on the line so they do extra shit..maybe even illegal shit... That being said, Happ should return next season the way he has been performing in Sept.


Been away for a few days. Love the new banner. WTF lol


Cards are currently in playoff contention. We finish the season vs them. if we knock them out the playoffs, that would be fucking sick.


Anyone else find it ridiculous, and I know this means nothing, that Rivas got Player of the Game when Wisdom literally tied a club record? Like that’s a big damn deal, I get so his 1st HR but come on. What if he doesn’t hit another one this year? Am I the only one kinda miffed?


I was at the game. Chicago guy now living in Jersey. Sound off his bat is insane. Reminds me of Stanton. That was a 450ft 2 iron laser. My father in law couldn’t believe it. And it was great hearing Schwindel’s wife and cheering section screaming their heads off. I ran into the only Schwindel jersey - yup, his wife. She was on cloud nine. Great game. And shocked Sampson wasn’t lit up like a Christmas tree. All worked out. Go Cubs!